Who is Jane Goodall?


The founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, Dr Jane Goodall is a renowned primatologist, environmentalist and humanitarian. Best known for her extraordinary study of the chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park, Africa, Dr Goodall’s work in the African forests became one of the most revolutionary accomplishments in the history of the study of animal behaviour.

One of her first major discoveries was when she saw chimpanzees David Greybeard and Goliath strip leaves off twigs to fashion tools for fishing termites from nest. This became evidence that disproved theories of humans being the only species who were able to make tools. So remarkable was this discovery that it prompted discussions to redefine the definition of Man as then, the defining difference between Man and animal was Man’s ability to construct tools.

Dr Goodall’s work also had a profound effect on Primatology, as her observations yielded insights into the group hunting behaviour of chimpanzees and their engagement in sustained “warfare” against other chimpanzee groups.

In recognition of her work, Dr Jane Goodall has received numerous honours, including the prestiguous Kyoto Prize and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Life Science. In 2003, Queen Elizabeth II named Dr. Goodall a Dame of the British Empire, the equivalent of a knighthood.

Today, Dr Goodall spends much of her time lecturing, sharing her message of hope for the future and encouraging young people to make a difference in their world.


One response to “Who is Jane Goodall?

  1. corrina Ther (Mdm)

    I would like to be able to meet Dr Jane Goodall
    as I have read her work from school days and followed many accounts in the National Geographic magazine of her years in the Gombe Reserve.
    She is an outstanding personality and i wish her well.

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