What is this wildlife parade all about?

The Singapore Wildlife Stampede aims to educate youths and the general public on the endangered animal species especially found in Singapore. This will heighten the awareness on the dangers our environment is facing and hence promote a sense of stewardship towards nature. Thus we urge schools, non-government organisations, environment clubs and YOU to join in this inaugural parade and showcase your work and creativity in this event.

Similar to Chingay Parade held during the Chinese New Year season annually, contingents from various schools and organisations will march down the streets of Singapore. Each contingent can be distinguished by their personalised floats and costumes that should reflect a specific theme related to the aims of the Singapore Wildlife Stampede. Heading the procession would be Dr Jane Goodall herself.



  • To raise awareness of the endangered species in the world
  • To raise awareness of the endangered native species in Singapore
  • To engage the public, especially the youths in protecting the environment
  • To allow Singaporeans to be acquainted with Dr Jane Goodall and Roots & Shoots

The Roots and Shoots in Taiwan staged a similar parade and here are some photographs of that exciting event.

Close Encounter with the sharks and other endangered animals.


2 responses to “What is this wildlife parade all about?

  1. Will Dr Jane Goodall be giving a talk after the stampede?

  2. Hey Johanna,

    Yes, Dr Jane will be giving a speech at the end of the parade, in palm valley of Botanic Garden. =)

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