How can you be part of it

Join us as a volunteer, participant or an audience in the Singapore Wildlife Stampede. Email us to let us know how you want to play a part.

We have many roles that you can help in. It ranges from choreography, design to logistics and administration.

Come dress as any endangered animal or plants and celebrate in song and dance as we parade down the road. Or would you like to put up a performance instead?

Join us in celebration on 2 November with Dr Jane Goodall. Admission is FREE.


9 responses to “How can you be part of it

  1. Hi, I’m a seventeen year old girl who’d like to volunteer to help in logistics and administration, but could you please email me some more information.. like what I would do. Thanks!

  2. Dear sir
    It is opened and emailed in the mailing list so that I can leran about it. may I ask question?
    if someone outside singpore want to join it, how can she join it? the admission is free. how about the other acomodation? Would you tell me completely?
    thank you

  3. hello! i would like to participate in the stampede.. i’m a student.

  4. Hi, Where will the parade be held?

  5. Xu Huimin / Cheryl

    Dear Sir/Mdm

    We are teachers in charge of Science Club in our school (Fengshan Primary School). We would like to find out more about how to be participants for the Wildlife Parade. Would you be able to advise us?

    Otherwise, we would like to join in as audience.

    Ms Xu Huimin & Mrs Cheryl Phua

  6. I’m interested to participate but am however not a young person. Any age limits applicable to participants? A positive reply will definitely be appreciated.


  7. How wonderful that the great Jane Goodall is coming to Singapore!! My class at the National University of Singapore has joined Roots and Shoots, and we are very interested in joining this event. We will be in the audience, and many of us are interested in learning how we can help.

  8. Think this is a fantastic idea. Will be there with 2 girls who go to the American Singapore School.
    Thank you.

  9. Dear Spore Wildlife Stampede,
    I am very keen to volunteer to take part in this programme and help in logistics and admisnistration,or in any other suitable field. I am 15 years old and will be on holidays by the 26 of this month. Do reply me with details regarding this programme.

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